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SpectreCity Dueling Academy is where the next generation starts here. SpectreCity is a place where you can learn to duel and grow as a duelist. Come join us today.

Hello fellow duelists, and welcome to Spectre Duel Academy! We are currently under construction and you may experience small hiccups on our forum. Please be patient while we work out these bugs. Thank-you!

    Allow me to introduce myself



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    Allow me to introduce myself

    Post by SpectreNeos on Wed Dec 23, 2015 7:28 pm

    It's me SpectreNeos

    I am 1/4 of the team that has build this wonderful site we decided to make something new and build into the future.As we embark into this journey we would like to invite you all to come along with us on this ride that will bring tons of memories for all us. The very few of us have already made memories together and we want to share more with some new people and make sure everyone has a great dueling experience and to learn more about the game. We will help you,make you better and even make sure that you understand anything that confuses you if your new to the game but if your a veteran then you can help others with us to learn the game.

    A little bit about Neos.
    Former Duelist-2005/2006-2014
    I usually don't duel but will for Testing only.
    Dev User since Dn is kinda borked.

    Hope you enjoy and Welcome to Spectre City

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