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    Academy Rule Book



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    Academy Rule Book

    Post by SpectreNeos on Wed Dec 23, 2015 6:24 pm

    1 ) Do Not Spam. The following is considered spam:
    1.1 - Posting messages which contain under 10 words, such as "WTF?!", "lol", "ok", "cool story" and various other messages, subject to Moderator discretion. Not all posts under 10 words are considered spam
    1.2 - Posting messages which do not have anything to do with the topic and its content
    1.3 - Double posting. You may bump your own topics if 24 hours have passed
    1.4 - Necro posting. Posting in threads which have been inactive for 15 days
    1.5 - Posting illegal or sexually explicit content, or attempting to edit the CSS or HTML to have it display illegal or sexually explicit content
    1.6 - Using a language other than English in your posts.
    1.7 - Posting multiple topics about the same subject matter.

    2 ) Show Respect to Staff AND Members. If you have a complaint, send it in a PM to SpectreNeos or Infinite Zexal.

    3 ) Back Seat Moderating is prohibited by all means. If you are caught acting as if you were a part of staff while you are not, you will be punished accordingly. If you want to report a user, please private message a moderator. If you want to report a staff member, please private message SpectreNeos or Infinite Zexal.

    4 )SCDA is not responsible for any offenses committed outside of the forum or the chatbox on Spectre City.

    5 ) Advertising is FORBIDDEN.If you are caught doing so, you will be warned, and then banned, from Spectre City.

    6 )Signature Rules:
    6.1 - The maximum dimensions of a signature are 425x425
    6.2 - Your signature may contain ONLY 2 images besides from userbars

    7 ) Creating more than one account for any purpose is prohibited. Exceptions will be made in the case of roommates or family.

    8 ) You may not use the work of others without first clearing that you are allowed to use it. This includes:
    8.1 - Posting deck lists of others and claiming they are your own
    8.2- Copying and using code from Spectre City on other websites.

    9 ) Chatbox Rules. The following is not allowed:
    9.1 - Usage of inappropriate language, whether it bypasses censors or not
    9.2 - Posting illegal or sexually explicit content
    9.3 - Arguing with other members of Duel Academy
    9.4 - Harassing other members
    9.5 - Advertising
    9.6 - Disrespecting Chat Moderators
    9.7 - Posting images without using spoiler tags.
    Doing any of the above may be subject to a kick. Repeated offenses will result in bans of varying lengths depending on severity (10 day maximum).

    Breaking ANY of the above rules (except chatbox rules) will result in a Warning:

    1st Warning: Formal warning
    2nd Warning: 20% SCP reduction
    3rd Warning: Two-day ban, and removal of all SCP
    4th Warning: Seven-day ban
    5th Warning: Thirty-day ban.

    How to get Warnings removed:
    Once a month providing you haven't received any warnings that month, If you complete 10 Battle Arena or Shadow Arena duels AND sign up and complete two tournaments without going inactive you can request 1 bar to be restored by a member of staff.

    If you are found to be violating either the chatbox or site rules (or both) consistently, you may be permanently banned by Administrator decision.

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