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    Rai-Oh Yellow - What drives you?


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    Rai-Oh Yellow - What drives you?

    Post by TheShiningKing95 on Wed Dec 23, 2015 8:42 am

    Hello to all you rising stars! For the purposes of this forum, I am the head of this dorm, TheShiningKing 95. If you are in this dorm, you have done well enough on your exam to make an impact on our testers. In other words, you have, at the least, impressed our staff with your skills!

    This is considered to be the dorm that drives you forward more than any other, however. Unlike the Red or Blue dorms, our members must show a constant need to improve, and and endless ability to adapt and change decks, rather than stick to just one or even a few.

    So, the real question is: what DRIVES you to become the best? What are you doing to improve as a duelist? Is it to the best of your ability, or do you find yourself coming up short?

    R.I.V.E.S. - What does it stand for?
    The above phrase stands for: Decks,Rulings, Inspection, Variation, Edits, and Side. These are the building blocks, along with practice against tough opponents, to becoming better.

    DECKS: This personifies what decks or what types of decks you like using. Are you open to all options, or do you limit yourself to a more controlled strategy? Or perhaps a more aggressive approach? The more options you keep open, the more decks you will be willing to try out for yourself.

    RULINGS: When you have a lot of decks, you must know how the game works itself in order to understand why certain strategies work or do not work. In addition to knowing this, you must also learn how other decks work with these same rulings: does this card miss timing? Can I activate this counter trap if my opponent plays Super Polymerization? These questions and your ability to answer them over and over, with increasing accuracy, is to this day one of the largest challenges of the dueling world.

    INSPECTION: When a deck fails to win on countless occasions, there are many reasons why it may have done so. Is the deck consistent in its ability to draw certain cards? Is your build flawed? Was the opponent using a deck that had a better chance of beating your strategy? Ask yourself this every time you lose, as the answers are few and far between.

    VARIATION: Is your deck unique? Did you copy/paste a strategy, or just the entire deck from someone else? If so, you may want to consider adding your own flare to your deck, as to differentiate it from the possibly many legions of it out there.

    EDITS: In addition to inspecting a deck when it loses, equally important are the cards that did not work for you in the match or duel. Take out cards that are not useful, and if you missed a few staples, it might be a good time to see what you could add in that the opponent was already using. A list of staples can be found here.

    SIDE: In competitive dueling, where matches are everything, the true strength of any duelist is a flawless side deck. A side deck consists of many cards usable against decks with specific strategies that hinder your own. For example, if you are playing a graveyard-based deck and your opponent had a deck focused on Macro Cosmos, Imperial Iron Wall would be a very good side card to consider. A list of Side Cards, separated by category, can be found here.

    If you follow these guidelines, as well as the guidelines set by the SCDA, you should have a more than happy and beneficial learning experience here at SCDA's Rai-Oh Yellow Dorm!

    Good Luck at the top!

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